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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crawling Out Of The Hiatus

Totally hanging out with dorks like me at the 4 Horseman, My battery will die too quickly -sadface- 
Turns out they don’t find my OP army OP? Well I might have a challenge after all? Well they’re just going to have to find out I guess. 
Nids will be brought back from their hiatus, might give them a fresh paint job for the occasion. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Apology Of Lateness; First Battle Report: Orks Vs Tyranids// Chaos Undivided

I must apologize for disappearing for that long time that I did. Though I must say when I logged back in today, I really wasn't expecting any more followers, and I came to find 5, when originally I only had one. Nice to know that I have so many people interested in what I do. :)

Anyway, I've started a Chaos Undivided Army, (which atm, is kind of lacking with my money situations piling up) I currently have one team of 9, and another team of 10. I don't have many pictures, I have a few that my exboyfriend photographed, (cuz I have this terrible problem with lighting and such) So those will be listen below.

First we have my Sorcerer. I'm pretty proud of him, to be honest, as I'm not used to putting so much detail into such a tiny model. Nids can get pretty big.

Next we have a couple of my 'normal' Marines. They are all completely different, not by colour scheme, but by the way each of them seems to hold it's own character without as much as customizing them to death. First I'll show off my razor blade handy work by showing you Mr.Knifey. Mind you I'm an odd woman, and I name everything in my army. Every last troop.

Another is Mr. Shiney, because, well, his helmet is shiney. And I know, I know, it's really hard to take my Chaos army seriously when they all have little pet names that demoralize their dark and dastardly names. But hey, that's what I'm here for.

Bad Ass is my final photographed Marine, though net we'll carry on to my boring battle report of Nids Vs Orks, and it also has pictures.

Moving On:
Battle Report 4-1-11
Orks vs Tyranids
Game Type: Meatgrinder
Players: Justin Thompson, Orks & Heather Haught, Tyranids

Objective: The objective of the game, 'Meatgrinder' was for my Tyranids to demolish the 'remaining forces' of Orks on their planet and take it as my own. Now normally we'd calculate points, you know, for both sides, and let all hell break loose after rolling to see who plays first. This time, I was half way done totaling up my points, when I was informed to 'forget about it' and just get my Nids up on the game board.
The Orks have 4 turns to survive with as little as 50% of one squad. 

Turn 1:
After shrugging off the 'wtf man', I pulled up my 70 Hormagaunts, three teams of 20, and one of 10, and my 7 teams (bases) of rippers, and set them up at the farthest edge of the 6' board. From there I declared it the Orks' turn, since after I deployed, my 'slashy gaunts' as I like to call them, couldn't do much more than run.

With it being the Orks' turn, Justin had all of his Orks already in position, as a hold-out. Since it was his turn to move, he moved both his Killa Kans(3) 6", and his Warbikes(3) also 6" both sets towards the 'East' at my direction, towards the now approaching Hormagaunts.

Nid movement phase pushed The Rippers(7) into range of his Rokkit Launchas and Shootas.
Hormagaunts were still safe for now. At this point, the four teams of gaunts have started to move off into their own designated little areas towards each of their objectives.

Shooting, Dakka Dakka phase of Orks begins as his Killa Kans move closer another 6", before one Rokki Launcha takes a shot at the closest base of Rippers, and misses. Shootas get two attacks at rippers, One hits, the other fails but with twin linked, gives both shots a hit; leaving one ripper down to 1 wound.

Turn 2
 Nids can't shoot, so all (70) Hormagaunts, each in their own groups move forward 6", rippers also move ahead.

Now I will roll for my reserves. Raveners (7), Genestealers (7), and my HQ Hive Tyrant 'Alxias' Reserve-in. All remaining troops advance 6".

Orks: Lootas shoot at Raveners, 2 shots, one hit, one wound. Another rockit is fired at the rippers, but misses, And out of 6 sluggas, two hit the same rippers. 1 of my rippers dies after one failed save. Two more shootas are aimed at the rippers, but both miss.

The Mech shoots at the south flanking squad of Hormas, but also misses.

Turn 3
Nid reserve-in 

-I have lost this log; will be searching my book later to find it but decided I'd go ahead and post the little that I have typed up.-


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Onward! To Our Victory!

Saturday is my boyfriends' 40k birthday party. I'm pumped, and getting my army ready to rip some humies apart. :)

I typed up my own little conglomeration of a rulebook, with all of my stats, and possible permutations and had it bound for the occasion! I'm trying my hardest to get everything that I possibly can painted in time for the battle; ((even though we won't be playing with huge point armies *sadface*)) and messing with my newest models, so that I can get their stats and weapons memorized to give my friends a little new-ness in the blend of our battles.

I plan to take some pictures of my battles at least, and get them posted up, so I have at least a little to show you people.

Still a noob here at blogspot,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New To The Scene

Hello world of dorks and awesome people! I'm new here, and looking forward to setting up an epic blog about my adventures through each battle and painting process I do. :)

My only current army is a near-complete Tyranid Army called the 'Sovereign Hive Fleet'. It woers over most of my friends armies in points; so I usually don't ever have the fun of using my entire force to wipe out tiny fleeing humans. :(

I've thought about starting another army, but I don't really know what else I'd want, as I'm kind of a big 'charge your foes with all you've got' kind of person.

As for photos, All I have is pretty much trash, so I'll have to fiure out a way to take some semi good pictures later for my next post.

For now; I can show you this monster: Tervigon Monster, and The Break Out.

Well that's all for now; hopefully I can get something better looking up soon. :)