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Thursday, February 24, 2011

New To The Scene

Hello world of dorks and awesome people! I'm new here, and looking forward to setting up an epic blog about my adventures through each battle and painting process I do. :)

My only current army is a near-complete Tyranid Army called the 'Sovereign Hive Fleet'. It woers over most of my friends armies in points; so I usually don't ever have the fun of using my entire force to wipe out tiny fleeing humans. :(

I've thought about starting another army, but I don't really know what else I'd want, as I'm kind of a big 'charge your foes with all you've got' kind of person.

As for photos, All I have is pretty much trash, so I'll have to fiure out a way to take some semi good pictures later for my next post.

For now; I can show you this monster: Tervigon Monster, and The Break Out.

Well that's all for now; hopefully I can get something better looking up soon. :)


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