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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Onward! To Our Victory!

Saturday is my boyfriends' 40k birthday party. I'm pumped, and getting my army ready to rip some humies apart. :)

I typed up my own little conglomeration of a rulebook, with all of my stats, and possible permutations and had it bound for the occasion! I'm trying my hardest to get everything that I possibly can painted in time for the battle; ((even though we won't be playing with huge point armies *sadface*)) and messing with my newest models, so that I can get their stats and weapons memorized to give my friends a little new-ness in the blend of our battles.

I plan to take some pictures of my battles at least, and get them posted up, so I have at least a little to show you people.

Still a noob here at blogspot,

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  1. Hi there fellow Paincaker and Tyranid devotee! Don't play a lot of 40K anymore, but my little fleet of bugs is nearly finished.

    Curious to see what you'll be doing here!